Author and Novelist

Everyone has a book in them, or so it’s said. But I have too many ideas in me for just one. Here are details of the fiction and non-fiction titles I have authored.

An Ocean Apart – a story of Windrush women and a national treasure

Described as Call the Midwife meets Small Island, my first novel, An Ocean Apart (Pan Macmillan), is the story of the Windrush Generation women who helped lay the foundations for the UK’s National Health Service.

An Ocean Apart follows the lives, loves and adventures of Connie and Ruby Haynes from Barbados, and Billie Benjamin from Jamaica – who journey to Britain to train as nurses in 1954. It is based on the experiences and stories told to me by my mother and her peers, who trained as nurses in the fledgling NHS.

My debut novel, An Ocean Apart

The experiences and history of the Windrush Generation has not been very well-documented. In fact, the more people I’ve spoken to both while researching An Ocean Apart and later, leading up to its publication, the more I realised how little was known about this significant milestone in 20th century Britain. So it is a joy for me to be able to shed light on the experiences of those who travelled from the Caribbean to here in the post-war years, as British citizens. I felt a considerable weight of responsibility sharing stories of the near half a million people, like my parents, who gave their working lives to building the Britain of the 21st century.

Did you know: The Empire Windrush – the first ship to bring people from the Caribbean – docked at Tilbury, in Essex, on June 21, 1948, exactly two weeks before the NHS began?

The NHS, a vital and much loved service – now considered a national treasure – is just one organisation that benefited from the contributions of not only those early pioneers from the Caribbean; but of people coming to work in Britain from all over the world.

The Luxury Traveller’s Handbook – liberating luxury for the smart traveller

Penned by myself and my husband, Terry Lee, The Luxury Traveller’s Handbook (Full Flight Press) is a guide to how to travel in luxury for less. Based on the tips we have unearthed ourselves during more than a decade of travel (and those we share on our affordable luxury travel blog, LiveShareTravel) the book is a guide packed full of planning and money-saving tips, but also includes narrative stories to inspire people to explore the world.

The Luxury Traveller’s Handbook